KNOWLTON.WORK celebrates student work from the 2019-2020 academic year at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University.

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Beth Blostein, Todd Gannon

w/Jonathan Barnes
Architecture as a profession is increasingly confronted with numerous demands in its quest for substantiation, from economic and environmental uncertainties to the narrow constraints of building codes. Architectural form, in its resistance of, neutrality towards, or submission to these demands is implicated.  Seen as limitations to exuberance, these under-appreciated constituents (and their associated institutions and conventions), are often left out of the academic design studio where formal novelty is promoted and validated.  While not fully rejecting this assumption, this Comprehensive Studio will bring into question the relationship between form and innovation as it pertains to architecture’s obligations as a cultural endeavor as well as a service profession.

This studio’s project, a destination distillery for craft whiskey and/or gin, will negotiate the needs for brand expression with the pragmatic economies and efficiencies of industrial production. As excise taxes on spirits are higher than those on beer and wine, many distillers choose locations in low-priced industrial areas or the edges of towns where rents are cheap and generic warehouses that meet pragmatic needs of production abound. Alternatively (and as will be the case with this studio’s project) the distillery can become a destination driven by both architectural and epicurean experience. In its iconicity, the distillery can support other fledgling, or experimental ecologies and economies that spin-off from this particular form of production.

ARCH 7420 is the terminal requirement of the core studio curriculum wherein a student must demonstrate the ability to produce a complete architectural project from schematic design through the detailed development of programmatic spaces, building assemblies, structural and environmental systems, and sustainability and life-safety provisions.  A high level of discipline and maturity is expected and the highest standards are maintained.

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