KNOWLTON.WORK celebrates student work from the 2019-2020 academic year at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University.

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FALL 2019

Jeffrey Kipnis

The ambition of the studio was to explore, discern and articulate in a design the difference between an architectural performance and a building performance, with mutual respect for the independent value of both. Since the question of such a discrimination was taken to be a relatively new undertaking for the discipline, the effort was largely devoted to recognizing representational occurrences of each not only in standard architectural practice media, but in media of all types: print, video, film, even non-visual (e.g. poetry and lyrics, abstract music.) The nominal vehicle for conducting the design investigation required that each student propose two variable prototypes – a duplex, and a triplex - and then arranged some number of them (between 4 and 20) together on a given topography. As a conjecture, I suggested that film might likely be the best representational medium for the architectural performance. Therefore, the final project required the submission of a film and film poster exclusively – without further text or explanation, whose task was be to convey the “architectural performance” of the project to an attentive, interested and informed viewer, but not necessarily an expert, with an interest in architecture as such.

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